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Brief introduction


The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLLD) was founded in 1957 and began its evening program in 1967. The Graduate Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature was established in 1993 with the opening of an MA program in literary studies. It was expanded in 1999 to include a Ph.D. program in literature and an evening MA program admitting students in literature, linguistics, and applied languages / language teaching. In 1994, the Linguistics Division of the Graduate Institute started admitting students to its new MA program. In the same year, this Department also started admitting international students to all programs. In 2009, a linguistics/foreign language teaching division was added to the Ph.D. program. That same year, the MA evening program was phased out. This Department boasts also of its relatively young faculty at the average age of forty-five, the dynamism brought by faculty and students, and the various supportive committees and the FLLD Alumni Association.


Past & Present Chairpersons:

C. T. Fu

(Aug. 1957-July 1972)

M. Chao

(Aug. 1972-Jan. 1973)

C. T. Fu

(Feb. 1973-July 1973)

H. C. Hwu

(Aug. 1973-July 1977)

C. F. Liou

(Aug. 1977-July 1978)

C. H. Cheng

(Aug. 1978-July 1979)

N. C. Lu

(Aug. 1979-July 1985)

C. L. Ma

(Aug. 1985-July 1989)

S. J. Ren

(Aug. 1989-July 1995)

J. T. Chen

(Aug. 1995-July 1998)

C. H. Lee

(Aug. 1998-July 2001)

Johann C. C. Chang

(Aug. 2001-July 2004)

Pi-Ching Chen

(Aug. 2004-July 2006)

Kai-Ling Lui

(Aug. 2006-July 2008)

Yuan-Guey Chiou

(Aug. 2008-July 2011)

Che-ming Yang

(Aug. 2011-Jan. 2014)

Shuli Chang 

(Jan. 2014-July 2014)

Hui-tzu Min

(Aug. 2014-July 2015)

Min-tser Lin

(Aug. 2015-now)



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